Princess Mononoke



This is the second time in a week that I watched a scene of premastication in anime!lol The first one was from “Choyoyu” and then “Princess Mononoke.” However, the latter was more bearable to watch. There was no sort of lustful suggestion about it.


Miyazaki sensei has done it again! This movie is another one of his masterpieces! Not even holding back to expose how cruel humans are to nature. You’d really feel sorry for the animals and I somewhat wanted all those people in the ironworks to just be exterminated!


For one thing, Ashitaka irked me for being neutral when it was apparent which side was cruel. There’s so much chaos in the scene that it’s amazing how he can fool himself into thinking that both humans and animals can live in harmony! Nonetheless, his efforts did not go to waste. I was satisfied enough that Lady Eboshi’s arm was torn off and that finally, she came to a resolve that they’ll move away to a new place and build a village there. So…Hurrah! The animals will be peaceful again!



As for Ashitaka and San’s decision not ended up together, I read several complains about it. In my opinion, Ashitaka’s promise to visit San every now and then was more than enough. It doesn’t have to be a perfect ending otherwise, it would be cliché. Not to mention tacky!

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