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When it comes to movies, I’m very finicky and since none of the local movies have impressed me for a while, there has been no entry in my blog about them. Thus this is going to be my first Filipino movie blog entry and I hope you enjoy it. Before I begin, I have to warn you that this may contain some spoilers. And since this is one of the top-recommended movies in my list; I advise you to only read my entry after you watch the movie.


I found out a long while ago that Maine Mendoza will be having a movie with Carlo Aquino. Since I’m a proud Aldub fan, I’d definitely support Maine as much as I did with Alden. Truth be told, I was pessimistic about the movie because the title itself sounded cheesy! I thought that the movie would come out to be a rom-com with poor-quality story. Because if the title was poor, how much more for the story? It turned out that I was proven WRONG!



This is the story about Mara(Maine Mendoza) who’s about to take her architecture board exam. And Gali(Carlo Aquino) who’s deaf-mute and a sign language teacher. They easily cross paths since their condominium unit were alongside each other and also, Mara enrolled to learn sign language to discover that Gali was her teacher.



As the story progressed, you will come to acknowledge the burden of a deaf-mute for the movie also showed Gali’s perspective. What finally brought me to tears was Mara’s confrontation to Gali and how he rejected her completely due to the fact that they are different. All throughout that scene, I tried so hard to hide my tears because I was watching the movie with my mother. I don’t usually cry over a movie whenever someone is with me but I couldn’t held back my tears any longer! The movie was WELL-done! The actors played their part with passion that made you feel empathy with the characters! It’s by far, the best local movie this year!

When the movie finished. I raised my arms and gave a double thumbs up! And when I looked at my left side on the same row seat, I met a middle-aged woman’s eyes and saw that she too was crying. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one!

Princess Mononoke



This is the second time in a week that I watched a scene of premastication in anime!lol The first one was from “Choyoyu” and then “Princess Mononoke.” However, the latter was more bearable to watch. There was no sort of lustful suggestion about it.


Miyazaki sensei has done it again! This movie is another one of his masterpieces! Not even holding back to expose how cruel humans are to nature. You’d really feel sorry for the animals and I somewhat wanted all those people in the ironworks to just be exterminated!


For one thing, Ashitaka irked me for being neutral when it was apparent which side was cruel. There’s so much chaos in the scene that it’s amazing how he can fool himself into thinking that both humans and animals can live in harmony! Nonetheless, his efforts did not go to waste. I was satisfied enough that Lady Eboshi’s arm was torn off and that finally, she came to a resolve that they’ll move away to a new place and build a village there. So…Hurrah! The animals will be peaceful again!



As for Ashitaka and San’s decision not ended up together, I read several complains about it. In my opinion, Ashitaka’s promise to visit San every now and then was more than enough. It doesn’t have to be a perfect ending otherwise, it would be cliché. Not to mention tacky!

Korean Spicy Noodles

And so, I wanted to try these so-called “Korean Spicy Noodles” and to know what the fuss is all about – if it’s really that spicy as how people have been reacting on Youtube. You guys should check it out: Search “Spicy Noodles Challenge” on Youtube and you’ll find tons of videos of people struggling to finish the noodles.

I bought this Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles in cup for 90 pesos at Kimchi CDO, located at Yacapin corner Pabayo along Deleon building fronting Lbc Pabayo branch.


So, why would I try something so spicy? Well YOLO so might as well experience something new. Mind you, the noodles are delicious but it’s just too spicy. I can tolerate it but I can’t finish the whole cup due to being a dialysis patient, I’m not allowed to be stuffed. And instant noodles are not good for me anyway! haha! So I divided it into two so my mother and I can share it.


A homage to Hokuto no Ken

In the 13th episode of Shokugeki no Souma. I was amazed to see the anime paid homage to Hokuto no Ken(Fist of the North Star!)

Satoshi Isshiki greeted his board mates who just came back from cooking training camp, also known as the “Camp from Hell.” He was horrified to see how everyone were affected since leaving the camp.  Especially Yukihira Soma who became manlier and masculine.

Shokugeki no Souma 13 - Satoshi IsshikiUntitledAs you’ve noticed, there’s a huge resemblance betwen Soma’s face and Kenshiro’s here. And you can see the scars on his chest; although they changed it to a star-formed scars.

I just finished watching Hokuto no Ken last month and I’m glad that I did otherwise, I wouldn’t understand the reference!


Becky Knows How to Write?

So I watched the 30th episode of Princess Sara; and I was surprised to discover that Becky has learned how to write! As I remember the first appearance of Becky, Peter laughed at her for asking if she was at “Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies” when there was a sign written on it in the first place. Becky then explained that she can’t read.

In this episode 30, Sara received a letter from Becky who was at her hometown for vacation.  And it stated that Sara managed to teach Becky how to write. Although it wasn’t shown in the series,  I was glad that Sara really cared that much for Becky.

Princess Sara 30 - Becky can Write 4Princess Sara 30 - Becky can WriteHere’s a photo of Becky writing to Sara.

Camotes Island

This would be my first trip for the year 2016. My mother and I decided to go to Camotes Island so that at the same time, we’ll be able to meet with Phil who’s on inter-island training. Lucky for him, he was approved to leave for 3 days enough for him to spend time with us.

In order to get to Danao Port, we went to Cebu City North Terminal to take a bus which would head to Danao Port. Make sure to ask the driver if his bus would head to Danao Port. Be aware that there’s heavy traffic around Mandaue. We were stuck there for 2 hours. It was the most horrible traffic I’ve been too! The bus barely even moved.

SONY DSCThis pic taken from Mangodlong Resort that we stayed at. The sea never ceased to impress me!

The resort offers a tour guide to the tourist spots in the island. One of the places we went at was Timubo Cave with spring on it. I didn’t manage to go inside because it was underground and it’s not allowed for people with high blood pressure(which I have.) The downside of it was that it’s hard to breathe when you climb up because it’s too far and there’s less oxygen in the cave. So it’s only advisable for healthy people.



Here’s a photo of my mother inside the cave with spring in it. Surely you wouldn’t get jealous with that?! She and Phil sure had fun. I waited almost an hour for them to finish.


Camotes Island also has a huge lake called “Lake Danao Park.” Where you can enjoy kayaking and other boat rides depending on your preference.

Just look at how fine the sand of “Santiago White Beach!” The entire area was spacious, you could trick people into thinking you’re in a desert! This was the only place were there’s no fee to get into.

My Camiguin Island Escapade

We headed to Balingoan from Cagayan de Oro at 4:00 in the morning and arrived at Balingoan pier approximately 7 a.m. It was my first time visiting in Camiguin Island so I was optimistic that I’ll be able to get a good blog entry to share my adventure. I didn’t let any negativity ruin my trip and I assured myself that the trip will be worthwhile.

The Cost for the Barge

If you want to bring your car with you to Camiguin Island, it will cost you ₱1,300 to transport it via barge. And despite paying for the car itself, you also have to pay ₱170 per head; excluding the driver. I’d say, having your own vehicle will be convenient when you visit Camiguin Island because the wondrous spots are far apart. But there are also habal-habal and other vehicles in there that you can rent and they can take you to the places you want to go.

Katibawasan Falls

SONY DSCWe ate our breakfast upon arriving in Camiguin Island. Then, we headed to Katibawasan Falls. The entrance fee at Katibawasan Falls costs only ₱30 per head; excluding the driver. The water was very cold but eventually, we managed to tolerate it!

Where to Buy your Souvenirs

Travelers always want to buy souvenirs and Camiguin island has a massive amount of souvenir stores! In every tourist attraction in Camiguin, you will find souvenir vendors there. I bought my souvenirs at “Pasalubong sa Camiguin.” They sell various of kinds of souvenirs like: keychains, delicacies, necklaces. wallets, etc. As I recall, their tshirts costs only ₱100 – ₱300.

Where we Stayed:  Sabacajan Beach & Cottages

I think this was the only flaw in the entire trip; staying at Sabacajan Beach & Cottages. In fairness, the woman who worked there was very accommodating to our needs but I was really pissed off about their air condition at room 4. This cottage costs ₱1,700. I felt like I was ripped off at that moment. When we relaxed in the afternoon, I woke up in less than 30 minutes, sweating! I didn’t feel the air conditioning at all. I wish we stayed in a different place instead but we already checked in. I really would give it a 1 star rate because it costs so much and they didn’t even have a free shampoo and soap!

White Island

SONY DSCIn order to reach white island, you need to get into a pump boat. Let me remind you that there’s a limited time in staying at white island until 5:00 p.m. This is only to be wary if there’s a high tide since the island is just a small spot and prone to be taken over by the sea. The cost for pump boat is ₱450 and another ₱20 per head for…whatever the heck reason it was.

Ardent Hot Spring

SONY DSCWe went  to Ardent Hot Spring at night time because we didn’t think it’ll be proper to soak ourselves in a hot spring during day time with the heat of the sun. But it turns out to be a mistake. The hot spring wasn’t that hot. It was more like a lukewarm temperature and the place was crowded! It seemed like a lot of us were having the same notion that the hot spring would be better in night time or early in the day. I’d suggest you go to Ardent Hot Spring early in the morning. The entrance fee for adult costs ₱30. While for children below 10 years of age, costs ₱15.

Sunken Cemetery

SONY DSCYes! Camiguin Island has a sunken cemetery. When the Mt. Vulcan Daan volcano erupted back in the 1870’s, the cemetery was driven underwater. The large cross is the mark of the sunken cemetery. You can see the cemetery underwater if you wish to scuba dive. I didn’t dare at that moment because I find it creepy. But I’m determined to pluck up my courage in the future and try to see the cemetery-under-the-sea!

Old Church Ruins

These “Old Church Ruins” is another catastrophe caused by Mt. Vulcan Daan. People still give prayers in this Guiob Church and it’s also prominent as a tourist attraction.

Soda Water Park

SONY DSCWe were looking forward to swimming in Soda Water Park but unfortunately, the attendant informed us  that the pool had algae and they will yet get it cleaned at night time. But they would still allow some people to swim if they wanted to. We didn’t like the look of the pool so we took pictures instead. Despite having algae in the soda pool, we saw 3 people swimming in it.

Tuwasan Falls

SONY DSCTuwasan falls was the second waterfalls we visited in Camiguin Island. It was as cold as Katibawasan falls and the water was very clean. The best part of it was that there’s no entrance fee!

Sto. Niño Cold Spring

The last place we visited in Camiguin was Sto. Niño Cold Spring. The entrance fee costs only ₱30 per head. I was surprised when I swam in there because I saw lots of tiny fish swimming around. Apparently, the cold spring was so very clean and well maintained that the fishes survived. They also have food services so it’s not necessary to bring food in there.


So those are the things you can visit when you go to Camiguin Island. Trust me when I say that your trip would be worthwhile because there are plenty of things you can do and explore.

Sagpulon Falls in Jasaan


You don’t need a lot of money to visit Sagpulon Falls. In fact, for only ₱140.00(back and forth fare,) I managed to see the magnificent water falls in Jasaan. When my friends and I went there, the bridge was under renovation, so we crossed the rocky river cautiously.



How to get to Sagpulon Falls

From “Market City” Agora, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City, you will take a jeepney bound to Jasaan. You can ask people at Market City where the Jasaan jeepnies park at and they will lead you there. The fare from Lapasan to Jasaan costs only ₱35.00.

Before you board the jeepney, you can ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at “Springview.” If you’re not familiar with the place, it is important to ask the driver first if they’re familiar with the place; and that if they can drop you off at the right spot.

You would know that you’re in the right place when you see this waiting shed across the road.



A few feet from the right side of the waiting shed awaits the habal-habal drivers. There, you’ll ask them to take you to Sagpulon Falls. The common fare deal is ₱35.00 per head.


Luckily, Sagpulon Falls does not have an entrance fee. What I found disappointing upon arriving at Sagpulon Falls was that there were lots of garbage left around the rocks by people who went there. The place was not improved upon yet; but the good side of it was that I saw some construction workers working to build a lodging place near by the falls. It means the place will be maintained someday. I can’t help being optimistic because the place has potential!







Things to do in Bohol

I spent my summer vacation in Bohol for at least 3 days. It is one of the renowned tourist spots in the Philippines for its beautiful white sand beaches, known to be the only place where “Tarziers” inhabit, and best of all, it’s where you will get to see the famous “Chocolate Hills!” I was actually in a bad mood before I arrived in Tagbilaran. My brother happened to forget the charger of my digital camera and it had only 7% battery life left. Fortunately, I still had my cell phone with me; hence, I used it to take pictures of my experience in Bohol. Still, it would have been better if we used our digital camera but I realized it’s pointless to dwell on it.

When we arrived at Tagbilaran via fast craft from Cebu City, we decided not to take a cab. We overheard the driver’s price proposal for ₱400.00(9USD.) I found it a bit overpriced so we settled on a motorcycle for only ₱60.00. Thus, we saved ₱340.00. It is advisable to be prudent when money is concerned because wasting it would retain you from your escapades.




We checked in at Matig-a Seaside Pensione. I was very satisfied with the place indeed! It’s cheap, clean, and has a great ocean view in the balcony. We took the 2 bedroom apartment. It’s perfect for people who travel in groups. There were 5 of us who stayed in that room and it was very convenient for us. They had a kitchen, fridge to stock your food supplies, and a dining set. Each bedroom has its own bathroom too!






Going to Alona Beach in Panglao Island

We asked the motorcycle driver if he could take us to Panglao Island – at first he offered ₱300.00 for the fare but I read it online that when they took a motorcycle going to Alona, it only costs them ₱250.00. So we asked the driver if he can lower it down and he offered the same fare of ₱250.00.

It was totally a long ride. It took us around 40 minutes. You don’t need to worry how to get back to Tagbilaran though because there were many motorcycle drivers in the island. When we arrived at Alona Beach, there were 2 men who offered us an island hopping trip for ₱1,500. I agreed right away because that’s the same price according to my research. My mother asked if they could lower it down but they insisted on the price though.

They took us to Balicasag and Virgin Island via fast boat. The waves were a bit scary but it was worth it once you arrived to the wonderful island of Balicasag. What I didn’t like was that if you want to swim at Balicasag Island, you have to pay ₱100.00 per head. I found it to be a real rip off.

Balicasag Island



Virgin Island



Chocolate Hills in Bohol

You can hire a cab to take you to Chocolate Hills Complex. As for us, we rode in a van that our host in Bohol offered. I think it’s best to hire either a cab or van, there’s so many places to drop by before arriving at Chocolate Hills Complex and you don’t want to miss the old churches and man-made mahogany forest.



20150419_153958 modified

Things to do in Davao City


If you have plans to visit Davao City, also known as the durian capital of the Philippines, then you might want to know the stuff that you’d like to do while you’re in there. Here are some of the things that I did when my friends and I had a visit there.


Davao City Hall




There’s a huge park in front of Davao City hall. Lots of locals were just sitting around there, killing some time. We busied ourselves on taking pictures and there was this old man who approached us, and told us that we can take a lot of good shots at “People’s Park.” We realized that he works as a photographer in the park of the city hall. I felt bad when I saw his old camera hanging on his chest because apparently, he won’t be able to make such money these days  because photographs have evolved to digital cameras and smart phone.

Before we left for people’s park, we bought some sorbetes. Durian was one of the common flavors but I asked the ice cream man to leave out the durian flavor for me because I never liked durian fruit or its flavor.


People’s Park 





Indeed the old photographer was right about recommending people’s park for us to visit. It’s a place where most tourists wouldn’t want to miss to hang around. They displayed Filipino-cultured statues like Filipino farmers, and Carabao. They also have garden in there!


Souvenir shops were also near the park and that’s where I bought mine. They have lots of restaurants nearby and that’s where we ate our pizza dinner. The pizza and drinks were so cheap that it only costs us no less than ₱400.00.


Crocodile Park







Crocodile Park is the zoo in Davao but in general, they had a huge amount of crocodiles inhabit there, hence the name. They also have a pool for baby crocodiles, young adult crocodiles, and for old crocodiles. They were innumerable! Not to mention, crocodile skeletons as well! Aside from crocodiles, they have baboons, tigers, wild birds, snakes, and agile birds! They also had an animal show featuring a bird(I forgot what kind.) It was so amusing because the bird was teasing its trainer by flying to the crocodile park. He was trying to tease and scare his trainer! that was so adorable! Hahahah!

You can get souvenirs at crocodile park. They also sell crocodile oil which according to them, heals pimples and rashes. I remember the tiny amount of bottle costs ₱1000.00. I find it too expensive and I wasn’t assured if it’s effective.


Samal Island




Getting to Samal Island, you would take a barge. I’m not used to Davao and I didn’t do thorough enough research about it so we only took a taxi going to the pier. From Davao, it will only take you approximately 30 minutes to reach Samal Island. From there, you will ride in a habal-habal and ask the driver to take you to any beach resort that you want.

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